The product is a clear liquid from colorless to light brown color, mixed well with water. 1 ml of Toltrox-2.5% contains 25 mg toltrazuril an active substance.

The drug is pre-packaged in polymer bottles (canisters) by 250, 500 and 1000 ml.

The drug should be stored with caution (see list B) in place protected from direct sunlight within the temperature range +5°C to +25°C. Shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture.


Toltrazuril is effective against all species of coccidium parasitizing in birds (E. acervulina, E.
brunetti, E. necatrix, E. mitis, E. adenoides, E. meleagrimitis, E. anceris, E. truncata), including against strains resistant to other anticoccidial drugs. Toltrazuril as a drug component has coccidiosic effect on all stages of intracellular development of eimeriosis.

Toltrazuril is moderately hazardous substances according to the impact degree on body (Class 3
of Hazard according GOST 12.1.007-76). The drug at recommended doses and 10 times greater does not cause side effects and complications in birds and does not prevent immunity formation to coccidiosis.

Toltroks 2.5% is administered with drinking water in accordance with one of the following schemes:

a) within two consecutive days based on 7 mg toltrazuril per 1 kg of bird’s weight (28 ml per 100 kg of birds weight), which is equivalent to 1 ml drug per 1 liter of drinking water, which is given to birds within 48 hours;

b) 3 ml of drug per 1 liter of drinking water, which is given to birds within 8 hours in two consecutive days.

If necessary, in case of serious illness, you can repeat the treatment after 5 days. Medication solution (after mixing the drug with water) retains its activity for 48 hours. In concentration 1 ml

Toltroks-2.5% solution per 1 liter of drinking water and more, i.e. in a ratio 1:1000, sedimentation may occur. In case of sedimentation solution should be thoroughly mixed before use.

Toltroks 2.5% is used for therapeutic and preventive purposes against coccidiosis in broilers, turkeys,
geese and ducks.

The drug is prescribed in poultry when poultry house litter has a critical level of coccidian content (10 - 20 thousand / g), as well as in appearance of clinical signs of disease in birds.

There no side effects subject to use of recommended dosage and application schedule

CONTRAINDICATIONS: It is restricted to administer Toltrox 2.5% in laying hens.

Slaughtering of poultry for meat shall be allowed 8 days after the last drug administration. Meat of birds during urgent slaughter before expiry of specified period shall be used for production of bone tankage.

Toltroks 2.5% is compatible with feed additives, vitamins and other medicines for birds.