Surfagon is a synthetic nanopeptid, analog of gonadotropin releasing hormone LH-RH-luliberin.

The drug is a sterile Surfagon solution in isotonic sodium chloride solution. Each ml contains 5 or 10 mg surfagon.

The drug is available in glass vials by 1, 2, 5,10, and 20 ml.

The drug should be stored with caution (see list B) in dry place, protected from sunlight, within the temperature range +2°C to +10ºC. Shelf life is 2 years under specified storage conditions.

Parenteral administration of surfagon by pharmacological action is completely identical with natural luliberin, i.e. surfagon solution stimulates discharge of pituitary gonadotropin into blood 2-3 hours maximum after the drug administration. Increased levels of gonadotropin in blood retain for 4-5 hours after the drug administration.

In contrast to natural luliberin biological activity of surfagon solution is 50 times higher, enabling you to use this drug by micro dose and by short treatment courses. Surfagon is more slowly destroyed under enzymes action than natural luliberin, which ensures its stronger biological effect on the pituitary gonadotrophic function.

Method 1.
Surfagon is administered in cows once by 50 mcg on the 5-15th day after calving. Animals after the
drug administration can display estrus but insemination should be carried out not earlier than 45 days after calving, i.e.
during second estrus.

Method 2.
Surfagon shall be administered 8-10 days after calving by a single dose 50 mg and 18-20 days after
calving, regardless of the uterus state, it is necessary to inject estrofan or kloprostin by 250 mcg or 20 mg enzaprost and
on the 36th day - 10-25 mcg surfagon. It is not recommended to inseminate cows during induced uterus. Insemination
of animals should be carried out not earlier than 45 days after calving.

For treatment of hypo-ovarionism.
For treatment of mild form of hypo-ovarionism surfagon is administered twice: first time - in 8th-12th day of sexual cycle by 50 mg, second time – after 10 days by 10-25 mg. For more apparent form of hypo-ovarionism 1% oil solution of progesterone by 10 cm ³ shall be injected intramuscularly on the 1st, 3rd and 5th days and on the 7th day surfagon by 50 mcg shall be administered.

For treatment of ovarian follicular cyst.
For treatment of follicular cysts in cows surfagon shall be administered three times with 24 hours intervals by 25 micrograms. On the 11th day after first injection kloprostin or estrofan shall be administered by 250 mcg twice with 10-12 hour interval. 3-6 days after estrofan administration mature follicles shall be developed in animals and sexual cycle shall be normalized. As soon as estrus appears cows may be inseminated.

Prevention of early embryonic mortality.
Surfagon shall be administered by single dose 50 mg on the 8th-12th day after insemination for increasing functional
activity of corpus luteum. Increased fertility in cows and heifers. After two or more unsuccessful inseminations kloprostin or estrofan shall be administered intramuscularly twice with 10-12 hours interval by 250 micrograms on the 10th-14th days of sexual cycle. At the beginning of estrus or 70 hours after first injection estrofana or kloprostina 50 mg of surfagona shall be administered and animals shall be inseminated. 50 mg of surfagon shall be administered on the 8th-12th day after insemination.

Induction of superovulation in donor cows.
To stimulate polyovulation it is required to inject surfagon by 25 micrograms during first 2-4 hours of induced estrus
or 42-46 hours after treatment of donor cows by prostaglandins. Insemination shall be performed according to the instructions. This increases the amount of mature embryos by 8-12% and these embryos are practically at the same stage of development.

Increased fertility of sows.
24-48 hours after weaning of piglets 1000 IU PMS (pregnant mare serum) or PMSG (pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin) shall be injected in sows and surfagon by 50 mg after 56 hours. Insemination of sows shall be carried out according to the instructions.

Increased fertility of ewes.
Surfagon is administered at single dose by 12-15 mg.

The drug is administered for early induction of sexual cycle. There are two methods to induce sexual cycle. In the first method the drug is recommended to use in cows after calving without complications in the postpartum period. The second method is recommended to use in cows with endometritis and delayed uterine involution.

No side effects or complications have been noted after administration of surfagon in recommended doses.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity of animal to the drug.

Meat and milk of farm animals obtained after drug administration shall be used without limitations.