Sulfaprim is an antibacterial drug where sulfamerazine and trimethoprim are active ingredients.

Sulfaprim is produced in the form of powder, granules and tablets. The drug by its appearance is a water-soluble uniform crystalline powder white to cream color or granules of various shapes white to cream color or tablets of round shape white or white with yellow shading.Each tablet contains 0.48 g active substance (0.4 g sulfamerazine and 0.08 trimethoprim).

The drug is pre-packaged:  in opaque polymer pots by 50, 100, 250, 500, 1,000 tablets or in blisters from composite materials by 10-50 pcs.
The drug should be stored with caution (see List B ) in a dry, dark place within the temperature range from 0ºC to +25ºC Shelf life is 2 years under specified storage conditions