Panafenb 22.2% granulate is anthelmintic drug, containing fenbendasole (methyl-[5-(phenyltio)-benzimidazole-2-carbamate) as an active ingredient. Each gram of granulate contains 222 mg fenbendasole and inactive fillers: lactose, feeding chalk, precipitated chalk, etc.

The drug by its appearance is granulate with light gray color and faint specific odor, disintegrating in the wet feed. The drug is pre-packaged in double polyethylene bags by 0,1-5,9 kg or in plastic jars by 0.5-10.0 kg.

The drug should be stored with caution (see list ‘B’) in its original packaging in dry place, protected from direct sunlight, out of the reach of children within the temperature range +5°C to +30°C. Shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacture under specified storage conditions.


Fenbendasole as an active ingredient of the drug has a broad spectrum of anthelmintic action; it is active against mature forms of nematode eggs and larvae in
gastrointestinal tract and lungs, cestodes as well as trematodes.

Mechanism of the drug action is disruption of energy processes, destruction of microtubules in the intestinal cells of helminthes, which leads to its death.

Panafenb 22.2% granulate belongs to low toxicity drugs for warm-blooded animal. The drug does not have cumulative, embryo toxic, mutagenic action and allergenic properties in specified therapeutic doses.

The drug is administered orally, individually or by group method mixed with food, without preliminary dietary preparation by single doses:

Animal species Panafenb 22.2% granulate
(mg per  kg animal weight)
Cattle 34
Ruminants 22
Pigs 22
Horses 34

The drug can be used repeatedly when required.

The drug is administered for deworming of cattle, sheep and goats, pigs, horses, dogs and cats against nematodes (gastrointestinal strongyloidiasis, ascaridosis, trichocephaliasis, esophagostomiasis, strongyloidosis toxascaridosis, toxocariasis, uncinariasis) trematode infections (fascioliasis, paramphistomatosis) cestodiasis (monieziasis, teniasis).

The drug does not have side effects and does not cause complications in animals
in the recommended doses.

SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: Every batch of the drug shall be pre-tested in a small group of animals (5-10 animals). In absence of complications within 3 days you can start treatment in all livestock.

Slaughter of animals for meat shall be allowed not earlier than 14 days after the last drug administration. During compulsory slaughter of animals prior expiry of specified period the meat can be used to feed flesh eaters or for production of meat and bone tankage.

Milk obtained from milking animals is restricted to use for food purposes within 4 days after drug administration. Such milk may be used as animal feed.