Levamizol-75 and Levamizol-100 is an anthelmintic drug from imidazotiazol group. Each ml of the drug contains respectively 75 mg or 100 mg levamisole.

It is clear, colorless or slightly yellow colored liquid with a faint specific odor.

The drug is available in 7.5% and 10% solution for injection, pre-packaged by 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 ml in glass vials of relevant capacity. Packaging and labeling is made in accordance with specification requirements. Other packaging ensuring safety and quality of the drug may be agreed in the prescribed manner.

The drug should be stored in its original packaging with caution (see list ‘B’) in dark place, protected from sunlight, out of reach of children at the temperature range +5°C to +25°C. Shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture under specified storage conditions.

Mechanism of closantel action is inhibition of oxidation phosphorylation in parasites. Specific drug action is stimulation of ATF-enzyme, which leads to disruption of the phosphorylation process and electron transport changing of the parasite energy metabolism so that it leads to its death.

During parenteral administration the drug is quickly absorbed at the injection site and penetrated into organs and tissues of animals.

Maximum drug concentration in blood shall be achieved 12 hours after drug administration and retained for 24-36 hours. Therapeutic concentration of the drug in the animal body shall retain for 10-11 days.

Closantel is practically unaffected by biotransformation in the body and is eliminated mainly unchanged.

The drug is administered one time subcutaneously or intramuscularly based on 75 mg levamisole per kg of animal weight that is equal to:

Animal species  Drug dosage Notes
Cattle (subcutaneously or intramuscularly) 1,0 ml per 10 kg Not more than 30,0 ml in animals over 300kg
Ruminants  (subcutaneously) 1,0 ml per 10 kg Not more than 4,5 ml in animals over 65kg
Pigs (subcutaneously or intramuscularly) 1,0 ml per 10 kg Not more than 20,0 ml in animals over 150kg
Dogs (subcutaneously or intramuscularly) 1,0 ml per 10 kg

If total administered dose volume exceeds 15 ml, the drug should be administered into 2-3 different injection sites in animal.

The drug is administered:

• in cattle – for treatment of dictyocaulosis, haemonchosis, bunostomatosis esophagostomiasis, nematodirosis, ostertagiosis, chabertiosis, cooperiosis, strongyloidosis;
• in ruminants – for treatment of dictyocaulosis, protostrongylidoses, haemonchosis, strongyloidosis, esophagostomiasis, cooperiosis, trichostrongylosis, nematodirosis, trichocephaliasis, chabertiosis;
• in pigs – for treatment of ascaridosis, esophagostomiasis, strongyloidiasis, trichocephaliasis, hyostrongiloses, metastrongylosis;
• in dogs – for treatment of toxocariasis and uncinariasis.

The drug is well tolerated by animals in therapeutic dose. During increased individual  sensitivity to the drug excitation, increased salivation, frequent urination and defecation and ataxia may be observed in some animals. These symptoms usually spontaneously disappear without application of therapeutic agents.

Atropine shall be used as antidote against poisoning by levamisole in accordance with prescribed instructions.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: The drug is restricted to use in the following species:
- weak and exhausted animals affected by infectious diseases;
- animals with liver and kidney disorders;
- female animals in the last trimester of pregnancy and within 2 weeks after delivery;
- young animals, which weight does not exceed 10 kg.
In addition, the drug should not be administered within 10 days before and after use of organophosphorus agents, pyrantel, morantel, phenothiazine, levomicetine (chloramphenicol).

SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: Prior to mass deworming every batch of the drug shall be pre-tested in a small group of animals (5-10 animals). In absence of complications within 3 days you can start treatment in all livestock.

Slaughter of animals for meat shall be allowed not earlier than 7 days after
deworming. In case of compulsory slaughter of animals prior specified deadline the meat shall be used as feed for fur animals or production of meat and bone tankage.

Milk obtained from milking animals treated with levamisole shall not be used for food purposes within 48 hours after deworming. It can be used for feeding animals.
Drug may be administered repeatedly when required.