YAM Ointment is a drug containing zinc oxide, salicylic acid, tar, phenolic-free coal containing creolin (or carbolic acid), lanolin, petrolatum and vaseline.

It is an ointment with gray to brown color in various shades; it has pasty consistency with specific odor.

The drug is available in glass jars or plastic containers by 25-1000 g

The drug should be stored in dry and dark place, protected from sunlight within the temperature range +0°C to +30°C. Shelf-life is 1 year from the date of its manufacture under specified storage conditions.

YAM Ointment has acaricidal and fungicidal activity, antacid, antiseptic, keratolytic and astringent effects. The drug has a low toxicity to warm-blooded animals. It does not have irritant and sensitizing actions.

The ointment is applied 1-2 times a day topically by thin layer on the affected skin area and 2-4 cm around it without removing crusts and shearing the wool. The ointment is lightly rubbed onto the treated surface. The drug shall be used for 4-5 days prior to crusts separation. If crust is not separated, application of ointment shall be continued. Usually after 7-10 days affected areas shall be cleaned from crusts and the wool growth may be observed.

Control microscopic examination of scrapings from the affected areas shall be carried out 10 days after the drug administration. If causative agents are detected the treatment shall be repeated.

YAM Ointment is administered for treatment of skin diseases and Trichophytosis (eczema, dermatitis) caused by sarcoptoid and psoroptoid mites.

There are no side effects.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: The drug does not have any contraindications.

There are no restrictions on slaughter of animals for meat and use of animal products for food purposes during ointment application.