BIO veterinary company in Uzbekistan
Uzbek-British-Russian Joint Venture UZBIOKOMBINAT

We offer high-quality, affordable products and a high level of service, the newest technological approach for the health protection of your animals. We are always happy to provide quality services when selecting products that will help you in the effective care of your animals. Our production is entirely committed to the interests of national welfare, which level is largely determined by meeting the consuming capacities of the population for food.


Our goal

The goal of BIVECO is to become the leader in the market of veterinary medicine, by manufacturing pharmaceutical and immunobiological products for all types of agricultural & domestic animals.

«UZBIOKOMBINAT» LTD Uzbek-British-Russian Joint Venture was established on the basis of previously operating Samarkand Biofactory. Samarkand Biofactory was established in 1964 and manufactured biological preparations for veterinary medicine.

After the privatization of the company an Uzbek- British- Russian Joint Venture was established to create modern pharmaceutical and immunobiological production facilities that meet all national and international standards for production facilities of a similar kind.

Today our company occupies a special place in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, as there are no other companies with the same potential and such integrated infrastructure.

Currently strong business and scientific relationships are established with scientific research institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan (UzVITI , IHRV ANRUz SamSAN, UzGNKL, etc.) and with the Belarusian Institute of Experimental Veterinary named after S.N. Vyshelesskiy (Minsk) as well.

Manufacturing facilities are divided into 3 departments:

Department for production of nonsterile solid medicinal products

Tablets , powders, granules

Department for production of soft medicinal products

Ointments, suspensions

Department for production of liquid medicinal products

Injection solutions, solutions for oral administration


Highest qualified specialists

One of the main factors determining the quality of our products is highly qualified specialists with high scientific potential, rich experience in scientific research, and experience in the field of veterinary and immunobiological medicines production. This allows the production process to reach its optimal performance. Regular refresher training of our professionals enables us to develop and introduce new modern drugs.


Impeccable quality

The main activity of the company is the production of veterinary drugs. Production is carried out in the new production facilities. The conceptual design of the pharmaceuticals workshop has been developed in accordance with international GMP rules, which serve as a basis for the production of quality pharmaceutical products.

   Laboratory & Quality Control Department

We expertly oversee all processes

The company uses only raw materials with impeccable quality. All ingredients of drugs are strictly controlled and carefully selected by our qualified production engineers. Meticulous compliance with established standards and requirements, production capacities, quality control, and high competence of the company’s staff provides an opportunity to produce safe, highly effective medicines at affordable prices. The Laboratory and Quality Control Department of the Company is equipped with modern systems of UV spectrophotometry and high-performance liquid chromatography. There is a set of analytical and precision balances. Equipment has been certified and acknowledged as means for measurement. An industrial complex of infrastructure is available as a branch Vivarium, with small skilled laboratory, agricultural animals, pets, and birds, where experts of research-and-production laboratory conduct tests of ready preparations for harmlessness and efficiency.